Sunday, June 14, 2009

It serves HOW many?

It’s so funny to watch someone’s face when I tell them an 8” round cake will serve 24 people. But then I continue to explain that a wedding cake is cut into rectangle, dessert size servings …. Not the big pie-shaped wedged pieces that we cut for ourselves at home, to be devoured with a big glass of milk, curled up in front of the late show on the couch in the dark (because if we eat cake in the dark, the calories don’t’ count!)

Wedding cakes are sold by the serving, and the serving is based on a 1x2x4” slice of cake. This is about the size of a folded over peanut butter sandwich. Here is the Wilton Wedding Cake serving chart that the majority of us go by:

Most people hear “one inch” and they think “paper thin”. It’s not. Here is a photo of wedding cake servings, 1x2x4: It’s a nice dessert-size piece of cake.

How do you cut a wedding cake? Many cake-cutting charts will show (what I refer to as “The Dreaded”) circle method. I’ve cut mine in a simpler, easier method for 30 years. Here’s a step by step on how to cut a wedding cake: If a professional caterer is not cutting your cake (and ask them if they know how …. many caterers are great with food, but they haven’t the slightest idea how to cut a wedding cake. That’s surprising information to many, but I swear it’s true), then do what many brides do …. print out this page and leave it on the cake table as a guide for their cake cutter. Many of my cake designer friends across the country have told me they see this page laying on the cake table when they deliver the cake, so I know it’s being used from Maryland to California!

This size of cake serving works perfect for a wedding reception. Remember, cake is a dessert, not a meal. Many people will frequently ask me to cut them a smaller piece at the reception. But if your family tends to eat like Jethro Bodine, you should talk to your cake maker and probably order a slightly bigger cake!
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