Sunday, June 15, 2014

The Difference Greenery Makes

I recently did the wedding cake for a good friend and when buying the roses needed to adorn the cake, I was happy to see some ferns available for sale for about $0.59 each.  I picked up 6-7 of the ferns as a last minute decor for the cake table.

The extra impact greenery makes in any decor is incredible and for such a small price.  Here is the photo of this past weekend's cake with the greenery.

 The greenery adds a mat of color under the silver stand and I believe it softens the looks.  Without the ferns, the stand could look hard and cold, which is not the look we want on such a warm and fuzzy occasion!

Here are some with and without photos of a cake I did years ago showing how adding greenery can make a difference.

This one has ferns on the cake but notice how the table is pretty plain and not really eye-catching.

This one, however, with the greenery under the cake stand, adds a well-rounded look to the cake and (to borrow a famous phrase) kicks it up a notch!

The cost of a few extra pieces of greenery is that not great but I think these examples show what an impact just a few cents worth of greenery can add to a very special occasion!