Tuesday, March 29, 2011

News Release: Who's Who

I have been invited to be published in the upcoming Cambridge's Who's Who. I have been listed in previous Who's Who going back to 1996's "International Who's Who of Professional Management" and am honored to continue to be invited to appear in numerous Who's Who publications.

Friday, March 18, 2011

Food Review: Indy Cakes "Cake Bites"

I have to be honest. The first time I saw a recipe for Cake Bites (sometimes referred to as "cake balls" or "cake pops", if they are on a stick), I thought "Well, THOSE sound pretty disgusting!" Take cake scraps and break them down into crumbs, add some icing or fruit filling to hold them together, form into a ball and dip in melted chocolate.
It was the "cake crumbs mixed with icing" that sounded like some soggy cake concoction that I couldn't imagine tasted good at all.

Then Jill of Indy Cakes decided to challenge me. As a friend, she asked me to help her test her shipping method of the Cake Bites she had been working on for weeks and months to perfect. How could I say no? Jill is a very talented decorator (very very!), a wonderful friend and I was happy to help her test the packaging and shipping for her.

The box arrived and I opened them to see how the Cake Bites survived the trip. The packaging was beautiful and those little round balls of cake covered in chocolate DID look pretty good, so I decided to go all the way and see what all of the hub-bub was about.

Oh. My. Gosh. These were wonderful! These were not soggy blobs of cake at all, but wonderful bites of cake, accented by her secret ingredient that served to bind the cake crumbs together, then topped off with a full coating of various flavors of chocolate, drizzled with a string of more chocolate. The perfectly round shape was a great testimony to the work, time and care Jill had put into creating this item. I was sad there were only six in the box!

I called Jill to let her know they arrived safe, in good shape, and how they didn't last long at all! She laughed when I told her how much I loved them and I could hear the well-deserved "I told you so!" in her voice.

These wonderful little bite-sized treats are perfect for gifts for clients, customers and co-workers. They are perfect favors for weddings and birthday parties. I find them big enough to take care of my chocolate craving yet small enough that it doesn't sabotage my weight loss plan! Now THERE'S a way that you can "have your cake and eat it, too!"

Since that first sample shipment, I've tasted other variations made by others and I always end up comparing them to Jill's version. So far, there's been no real contest. Cake Bites by Indy Cakes is a clear winner!

Cake Bites can be ordered from Indy Cakes in Indianapolis, Indiana, through the website