Wednesday, June 17, 2009

The "Bridezilla" Label .... many brides getting a bad rap

I’ve been very blessed because I can’t really say I’ve had a full blown Bridezilla on my hands. I think all of my brides have been great. I’ve had a few Mom-Zillas, but I think that shows how a wedding is more stressful on a mom than it is on a bride!

It bugs me, though, how a bride is labeled a ‘Zilla at the slightest hint of aggravation on her part. I think it’s an unfair label.

For instance …… the day of the wedding, the bride tells everyone to be at the church, dressed, at 12:15 because they need to take pre-wedding pictures at 12:30. So naturally, one member of the bridal party invariably shows up at 12:25 with their clothes draped over their shoulder, cell phone to their ear, and asking someone, “Where can I change?” When the bride, who is nothing but a walking nerve today anyway, stresses out a bit with “Where have you been!?”, the latecomer sarcastically comments, “Geesh, she’s being a ‘zilla isn’t she?”

No, she isn’t. She’s trying to keep a very expensive pageantry of events running on time, on schedule, and organized. She’s dealing with a bridal party member who is being rude and inconsiderate of everyone else’s time and the schedule of events for the day. Yet SHE’S the one labeled a ‘Zilla.

So what IS a Bridezilla? It’s not a bride who is just upset over something that ANY of us would be upset over. A bridezilla is a self-indulgent little girl with a diamond on her finger who thinks we should all kiss her feet (and other parts of her body), who does everything in her power to make sure she is the center of attention at all times and will throw friends and family under the bus to achieve it. “Etiquette” and “proper manners” are not words in her short-term vocabulary.

The best source for Bridezilla stories (and Groomzilla, and Bridesmaid-zillas, etal) can be found at . I will warn you though ……I found this site at 8:30 at night and was so enthralled with what I was reading that my concentration was interrupted only when my husband’s alarm clock went off at 6:00 a.m. the next morning!


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