Saturday, April 30, 2011

A Simple Step-by-Step Assembly

While many cakes can be (and are) delivered fully assembled to the reception site, some are completed once they arrive at the venue. The cake in these photos could have been assembled ahead of time, but I opted to put it together at the venue and took some step-by-step photos to show the progress. Cakers, this is also a good visual to show how you can get two or three photos of cake designs using just one cake .... just take photos after each step!

Here is the cake as it was carried into the venue. It all fit on one large baking tray, making it easy for me to carry it. The baking tray is lined with a rubber, no-skid material (sometimes referred to as shelf liner ... can be purchased at any Dollar Store or Walmart), to prevent the cakes from sliding around during transport. Notice the supporting dowel rods are already in the cakes.Once inside, I stacked the three tiers. Since the dowel rods were already in place, it was a simple matter of just setting each tier in place:Wrapping the ribbon around the base of each tier took just a couple of minutes.Then it became a simple matter of applying the daisies, which were made from fondant ahead of time in the shop, around the cake. From the time I walked into the venue to the time I walked out (which included unpacking my cake tools, clean up, and then packing up again) was around 15 minutes.


  1. How beautiful! I always read your great blog. Thank you so much for all of the wonderful and useful information!
    Last year I had taken a baking course and then unfortunately discovered that I had tonsil cancer and had to go into treatment.

    I'm now post treatment and am slowly beginning to gain my strength back and bake. I only for my kids though, but I would like to know if these cakes are on the cardboard rounds when you stack them, or are they stacked cake on cake? Again, thank you so much! God Bless and continued success.

  2. So sorry to hear about what you are going thru and I hope your strength continues to improve so you can enjoy your family, friends, and baking! Yes, the cakes are on cardboard rounds, which are supported by the wooden dowel rods.

  3. Thank you so much for your well wishes and thank you so much for the information. God Bless!