Monday, July 19, 2010

Cake Reality Shows ... Oh, let's get "real"!

In the great and recent influx of so-called "reality" shows involving cake world, we in the "real" cake business are seeing too many things that grate us the wrong way. We are concerned about the image going out there that bakers allow dogs in the bakery and don't have good food safety practices. We are concerned about the impression being left with the viewers that those who work in a cake business are bumbling fools who can't even carry a cake.

My good friend Evelyn recently posted an entry on her blog that I just have to share with everyone. In plain, everyday, no-holds-barred language, she says what many of us are dying for the networks to hear. That cake drama for the sake of good TV isn't good TV.

Take a look at what she says. I believe that once cake-show-viewers read her blog, then they will understand more of what REAL "reality" is.

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