Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Centerpiece Ideas

I had one bride who combined her appetizers as her table centerpieces, saving her some money and making the pre-reception snacks nice and handy for her guests! She had a tray of fruit, cheese, bread and wine beautifully arranged on the tables. Her guests didnt' have to stand in line at an appetizer buffet table. They could just sit at the tables, visit with each other, while helping themselves to the foods. It was inexpensive yet classy. Non-alcoholic wine could be substituted, or could be omitted altogether if a bar is available.


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  2. Great idea. Centerpieces come in all shapes and sizes and types. One other trend we are seeing at our wedding venue is the use of small battery powered "rice lights". These are small LED lights that will last a dozen or more hours with a set of batteries and add a really great romantic look to a darkened evening wedding reception. They are available from a number of internet shops and in fact I just saw a version of them at Walmart in the Christmas isle.