Sunday, May 16, 2010

Speaking of Buttercream Roses....

A friend, whose birthday falls on Valentine's Day, always throws herself an office birthday party for her and her co-workers. She mentioned she wanted a cake with yellow and red circles. I was a little confused and said, "You mean like a target?" She hesitantly said "yeah..... something like that."

I told her not to worry. I'd make her a cake that looked prettier than a target circle!

If you're a person who fights over the big buttercream roses on family birthday cakes, then you would have just loved this cake!

Instead of just flat stripes in a circle, I created circles of color using 30 big buttercream roses and about 15 smaller rosebuds.

In a world of over-the-top fondant cakes and push-the-material-in-a-mold decorating techniques, the art of making buttercream roses is in danger of becoming a lost art. I was thrilled to be able to showcase this edible art again!!

When I dropped it off to her, she almost cried at how pretty she thought it was! Which is the best compliment a caker can get!



  1. Hi, Debi
    I love this cake,, i admire anyone who can make such beautiful roses. I've self taught myself cake decorating over the past 3 years and still learning but I still cannot make a pretty rose. The one time that I did,, they were all pretty flat and just barely resembled a rose. Any tips for making buttercream roses? Thanks

  2. Hi Debi. I wandered over from Cake Central. At the risk of being a stalker hehe I thought it best if I say hi! Though I've been baking for years, I'm new to cake decorating. Thanks for all the help you offer others. That's very generous of you! I'm learning to make roses this month. My son is graduating from high school in less than a month. At the last minute I decided to do his cake. Sometime this year I'm going to learn how to do this one!! It won't look anything like yours but I must figure out how to make this cake! Have a great day! :)

  3. Between the two different ways I've made roses .... on the nail and on a stick ..... I was surprised to find that making them on the end of a stick was my favorite! They shaped up better and just looked less flat to me. I need the icing to be a bit stiffer to work on a stick but that just means they set up better! Here is one of many videos that can show you how: