Friday, September 18, 2009

The Science Behind a Good DJ

I was having a great conversation with a DJ friend of mine, Mike West of MGS DJ’s ( ). I was surprised to learn there was a “science” behind being a good DJ. Like many people who have never stood behind a DJ table, I thought they just played music. Fast songs to get people dancing and slow songs when they need to rest. Seriously, I thought that was it.

Man, was I wrong!

I was aware of the importance of a good DJ at a wedding. The DJ is the party’s Master of Ceremonies (MC). He has the timeline of the event and keeps everything moving and on schedule. He announces when dinner is served and releases the tables for the buffet. He lets the bride and groom know when it’s time to cut the cake and when the first dance is being held. I’ve worked weddings with DJ’s who had no idea how to take care of this stuff …. they were just “a friend” of the couple who was playing the music and that’s it.

It’s much better with a professional DJ!!

There is a difference between a club DJ and a wedding DJ. These are different audiences and a good DJ knows how to play to each of them. (I mean, do you really want your grandmother or your 7 year old niece sitting there listening to “club” DJ comments?).

What I found fascinating, while talking to my friend Mike, was learning about the little things that make a good DJ really stand out. Remember, you’ve paid this DJ for a minimum number of hours and you want your guests to enjoy your party for those hours. A good DJ knows how to keep the party going.

For example, Mike asked me “Do you know why you don’t play slow songs at the top of the hour?” I had no idea, so he explains that after a few fast songs, a DJ will play a slow song. The tired dancers will sit at the table, look at their watch and say, “Oh my goodness, its 11:00! We better go!” BUT ….. when a DJ plays slow songs at, say 11:40, the tired dancers will sit down, look at their watch and say, “It’s just past 11:30 …we’ll stay for a few more minutes.” People tend to leave at the top of the hour …. if you give them a reason to. A good DJ gives them a reason to stay.

And that’s why I love catering wedding where an MGS DJ is working. Because I know things will run smooth, on time and the guests will have a GREAT time! And isn't that what you're after, too?


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