Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Cost of Cakes .... some perspective

My friend Stacey had a great entry on her cake blog about cake pricing, and she graciously gave the ok for me to share the link. So check this out:

Many of us grew up on grocery store birthday cakes. We're used to spending only twenty bucks on a birthday cake. As mentioned in Stacey's blog, shows like Ace of Cakes and Cake Boss have given the public a new view of cakes.

Unfortunately, these shows never share with the public what these cakes cost. (Did you know Duff, of Ace of Cakes, has a $1,000 minimum for one of his cakes?)

So check out Stacey's blog and the next time you go to order that super special cake with the bells and whistles, you'll be armed with some good information to make your shopping easier!

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  1. I created a facebook page for my cakes and snagged your information on Cake terms. With credit to you of course! Great help for people who don't know all our "lingo".

    You Rock Debi! Wish you were closer!