Sunday, July 19, 2009

More examples of fresh flowers on a cake

I did this cake just this past weekend. I took "before and after" photos to illustrate the impact that fresh flowers make on a wedding cake.

The first photo is the cake right after I set it up. Black ribbon and gold braid around the base of the cake with pearl dragees on the bottom tier and scrolls on the upper tiers.

Then .... the red roses were added by Cater It Simple. Wow. It just pops, doesn't it? The bride wanted a cascading look, which was a challenge with pillars between the tiers, but I think we managed to give her the look she wanted.

The florist provided some great roses to work with. They were large and not open very much, which enabled me to be able to open some of them up more than others, where I needed a more full look.

I'm adding a third photo that shows the difference between clear water in the fountain (yes, people ARE still getting fountain cakes!) and with colored water in the cake.

The little details that add that little extra pizzazz!

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  1. Thanks for the lovely ideas!! I like fresh flowers decoration of wedding cake...