Monday, July 15, 2013

How Confident is YOUR Cake Delivery?

Today I share a blog article by my friend Kara Buntin, owner of "A Cake to Remember" in Richmond, Virginia.  A brief preview: she tells a true story of a box that held the wedding cake that was picked up from a table and just dropped on the floor .... with the cake still in it!..... and how the cake survived. 

While this is definitely a rare event at a wedding, I share the story to prompt the question: How confident are you with your cake delivery?  Whether you are the bride or the cake designer, it is a good question.

Cake designers should be confident in their cake assembly and delivery and be able to convey their confidence to their client/bride.  Brides should feel confident the cake designer they have selected is more than competent in being able to get the cake to the event.

All of us are aware that "stuff happens" that is out of our control and I am in no way promoting that perfection in all things are possible.  Stuff happens.

Kara's story is a good illustration of a professional who understands many of the "stuff happens" elements and how she went above and beyond to help make sure the cake was delivered intact.  Her professional expertise helped derail what could have been one of those derailing accidents that could mar a bride's wedding day.

Good job, Kara!!

Photos of Kara's work can be seen on her website, .

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