Friday, June 12, 2009

Introducing Ourselves!

Well, at the recommendation of a number of friends and fans, we are jumping on the blogging bandwagon!

It will be nice to have one central place to collect the ideas, tips and suggestions that we share with our brides and clients that helps them have a successful wedding or event. It might even help keep me a little organized!

I have 30 +/- years in the wedding business, starting out making wedding cakes back in the day before the internet, before the Food Network, before fondant! The method to learn was to buy a book and follow the step by step directions, and then it became sink or swim! My family, friends and co-workers either enjoyed or suffered (depending on how you look at it!) through my practice cakes that helped me hone some skills and turn my hobby into a business.
Catering was added and the business grew in unbelievable bounds. Our purpose stayed constant, though … we want to help a bride see that she can have a wonderfully elegant wedding without getting a second mortgage. We “Keep it Simple” for her by sharing our tips and suggestions, by making vendor recommendations, by letting her know our favorite stores where she can get great deals.

We got serious about it being a business and about sharing our experiences when I planned my own daughter’s wedding 10 years ago. She and my soon-to-be-son-in-law were in the Army, stationed in Washington, D.C. and we were planning a wedding in Indianapolis, Indiana. Since I’d been in the wedding industry for 20-some years, I didn’t think it would be any big deal to get things organized.

Oh. My. Gosh. Did I learn a lesson. I ran into barrier after barrier, and attitude after attitude as I went around trying to SPEND money with vendors in the wedding industry. The only thought I had was “And I know what I’m doing!! What are those poor brides and moms, who DON’T have the experience I have, going thru? How are THEY dealing with this?”

At that point, it hit me that it doesn’t have to be this complicated …. there had to be a simple process to this whole thing. And thus was born the idea of “You don’t have to cater it expensive …. You can Cater It Simple.”

I get very frustrated with untruths, exaggerated half-truths and the flat out lies that brides are told by the ‘experts’ in the industry. I also have a low tolerance for the regurgitated articles written by free-lance writers who just cut-n-paste the latest un-truth and exaggerated article that was printed somewhere.

I will warn you now that I tend to tell it like it is. I’m not good at sugar coating things that irritate me; I’m passionate about things I love; and I can talk non-stop about weddings and catering and cakes! I warn my friends frequently, “If you don’t want to know my opinion, don’t ask me …. But even THAT won’t stop me!” I don’t claim to be an expert …. I just claim to be someone who has been involved in weddings for 30 years and I’ve seen, learned and experienced a lot of situations and information that I share with my brides/clients in the interest of saving them money. For every blog/article that you read about one way to do something, you’ll find 2 or 3 that claim the opposite.

Our purpose is to try to give brides/clients an alternate point of view from someone who has been-there-done-that for 30 years. Feel free to take our suggestions and advice …. Or just hit the delete key.

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  1. I just found your blog today through CC and read each post thoroughly. I learned so much tonight and am so glad you decided to join the blogging bandwagon. I look forward to future posts :)