Monday, October 5, 2009

Is it "Tacky?"

I came across this blog and I just loved it! What is tacky to one is wonderful to another! I'm big on proper etiquette and doing things right, but like the author of this blog, I'm tired of people exerting their "personal" preference as the all time "right" way to do things and anyone who doesn't agree is "tacky".

Read this. I think you'll like it.

I'd love to hear feedback on your view of "tacky". Are some things really 'tacky' or is the word overused? If some things ARE still viewed as tacky, what are some of those things, in your view?

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  1. I think things can still be tacky...but its more of a "rudeness" than a personal taste. For instance, not sending thank you notes for wedding gifts is "tacky"... (or I guess if you hate the word "tacky", "rude" works! ha.). I could make a list...but it wouldn't be the color of the dresses or the way the places are set...but the attitudes or selfish expectations of whoever we are referring to as being "tacky".

  2. oh yes, i think you are so right! I say, do what you want to do... and who cares about what anyone else thinks! I had a friend who used her grandmothers handmade quilt as a table covering.. It was indeed an old quilt, but the design was intricate and beautiful, not to mention that it was stitched with love just for her! And there were people there snickering about how 'tacky' it was to have an "old blanket" to decorate your wedding day. The sheer arrogance and ignorance of people make me so angry sometimes! so yes, I say, to hell with tacky! ultimately, you do what makes you happy!